An Tón Festivals Blog 2013

August 4th 2013

Lugnasadh Feast and Ritual, Workshops and performances – Music, Dance,Spirituality, Healing, Art, Cafe, watch this space for more details and see our An Ton Lughnasadh Festival page.

 Happy Lughhasadh An Ton Lughhasadh Festival Aug 4th 2013 Picture courtesy of
Happy Lughhasadh An Ton Lughhasadh Festival Aug 4th 2013
Picture courtesy of

May 6th 2013


Liam Mac Amhaíla-Irish Myth and Ledgend; The Story of the Ancients based on both Archaeological and Mythological Evidence

Irish Myth and Legend; The story of the ancients based on Archaeological and Mythologicl evidence – Presentation with live music from Liam Mac Amhaila


Aes Sidhe – ‘The people of the hills’, collective name for the old Irish gods who dwell in hills.

Rev Helen Webb BA, Resident psychic and spiritual advisor at the An Ton Festival Mon May 6th 2013, psychic development group and private readings.  Find out more on our festival programme page.

Rev Helen Webb

Rev Helen Webb

Circle Dance With Jean Parker 5pm at the An Tón Festival Mon 6th May

See our Festival Programme!

IMG_2536For More information click here Circle Dance with Jean Parker

Live Music at the An Tón Festival

Anua, a World/Celtic collaboration with Helen Webb and Liam Mac Amhaíla Fotor041613419Music Workshop for children An Ton Festival 2013 Music For Children

Kindermusik workshop An Ton Festival 6th May 2013 see the festival programme for more details.

Music workshop for children with Anita – See An Tón Festival programme Kindermusik is an early childhood music education program. A typical Kindremusik class, which is 30-45 minutes approximately, consists of lots of activities with singing moving, jumping,dancing, storytelling, and exploring instruments. During Kindermusik classes social, emotional,cognitive, physical, and literacy development occurs, using the benefit of music. All of the activities are so much fun for both children and parents.  This is a lovely opportunity for parents and children to enjoy music together. You can find more details on Kindermusik website:

Shaman in residence at the An Ton Festival Mon May 6th 2013IMG_1811Broken Arrow Healing;An Ton Festival’s Shaman in Residence: A shamanic healer who is known locally for his powerful and effective healing sessions.  Christy is a natural healer in the true sense, with his own methods, practices and theories about the art of energetic Shamanic healing. Christy trained at The Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies and holds their Certificate of Advance Shamanic Practice.  Christy’s healing is based on a fundamental belief that everyone has the power of healing within their own heart and that the healing spirit within each one of us guides us through love to our own healing.  Christy’s workshop will take participants through their own Shamanic journeys as a group, and then pair people together for journey tracking. Christy will also talk about the power of the heart and his own understanding of how love can heal the human spirit.

Kieran’s Cafe2013-04-23 23.05.10After in depth lengthy negotiations lasting several minutes, last night at the “Sonke!” performance, the festival secured “Kieran’s Cafe” an in house eatery for An Ton, run by the notorious local character, Kieran, known widely for his fabulous buns!

Look Donkey In the house! Meet Jack at the An Ton Festival!
20130403_164438Look Donkey In the house! Meet Jack at the An Ton Festival!


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