Liam Mac Amhaíla

IMG_2520Liam Mac Amhaíla MA, BA, Hdip – Musician, Composer, Vocalist, Archaeologist, Environmental Consultant,

Liam is a singer/songwriter of many years, he has played professionally in America, the Uk and Europe in several different acts.  Liam’s main musical focus has been Celtic and traditional Irish with an emphasis on the music of Connemara and Clare.  Liam’s music draws upon his Archaeological background and knowledge of ancient civilizations with references to ancient Irish mythology and folklore, to weave a tapestry of intrigue, and the magic of the ancients.  This combined with Rythmns from Africa, creates a powerful and original contemporary musical style which conveys his deep and spiritual love for nature and indigenous world cultures.


1 Response to Liam Mac Amhaíla

  1. REGINA FLYNN says:

    hi Liam, Regina here. A lovely description of your music styles & influences. Good luck with your singing & music life & with the music lessons you’ll be giving soon. Just a typo above, Clare, not Claire.

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